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SerpinaWhen hypertension was discovered in 1912, it was treated with benzyl benzoate, calcium chloride, sunflower seeds, garlic, liver extracts, etc, which were typically poorly put up with by individuals. Salt as well as potassium thiocyanate were in vogue in the 1940's as well as created a substantial fall in blood tension in a few situations. The basic lack of success of clinical treatment led to attempts at relief by medical treatments(1).

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Reserpine was separated in 1952 from the dried origin of Rauwolfia serpentina (Indian Snakeroot)(2) and also introduced in 1954, two years after chlorpromazine(3). It was synthesized in the lab few years later on by Dr. Robert Woodward of Harvard University. Reserpine functions by regulating nerve instincts along specific nerve pathways. Consequently, it behaves on the heart and blood vessels to lesser blood tension(4). Brings back typical blood pressure in hypertensives Action.

Anti-hypertensive: Serpina is a single-ingredient formulation for the management of moderate to moderate high blood pressure. The medicine exhausts peripheral catecholamine (noradrenaline) shops, which leads to a reduction of blood tension. Serpina controls and reduces the adrenergic tone anxiety, and is consequently beneficial in the treatment of stress and anxiety problems also. Indication.

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